(Is the 11th time a Charm?)

Only a Few Weeks Away…

AGAIN is a story about two couples with whom you will have no trouble relating.  You will feel every joy they feel.  Every sizzle and giddiness their love brings to them will come to you. Their smiles will become your smiles. Their triumphs will be your victories.

Then too, you will not escape their outcry when their love is threatened. You will share their anger, sense their despair and feel their pain.

What role does true love play in all this?  Well first, you will have to figure out what true love is all about. Think you know?  Think AGAIN.  In fact, you may find yourself having to read the book….AGAIN!

Marc Kuhn’s 11th Book!

When published, this book will be available at amazon.com.  When?  Check in here or at marckuhn.com