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       Well over a year ago I was looking at an updated version of our family tree. There, on a distant branch was a cousin named Isaac Boas.  He lived his entire life in Australia.  He was a college professor with a science background.  He also was a prominent citizen in his Jewish community.  Isaac died in 1955 at the age of 77.  I was 10 years old at the time.     What fasc inated me—no, startled me—was Isaac’s picture.  He was in his early twenties when it was taken and he appeared almost exactly as I did at that age.  I got a picture of me taken at about the same age and positioned it next to Isaac’s.  It was an uncanny composite.  See for yourself.  

    The incident said to me, “book!”  It took me over a year trying to come up the story.  AGAIN is based on the concept of identity duplicating itself, be it physical attributes or personality or whatever. Thus the foundation for the story in the book. Upon it, I built a tale of true love involving two couples and spanning the years 1900 to 1970. One important note: the Isaac in the book is an entirely different person from my distant relative; I used only his name.  And after that, there are no similarities.

     Unlike my other novels, there are no mystery and murder here. There are, however, the elements of suspense, intrigue and, I hope, a thought-provoking concept that may have you thinking…Again!

The Story Behind the Story